JunoJumpr Motorcycle Jump Starter

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It’s amazing what can be fit into small packages these days. The micro SD memory card in my GoPro camera measures 1cm x 1.5cm and isn’t much thicker than a business card, yet it has a 16GB capacity. Even more remarkable, micro SD cards are available up to 128GB!


Batteries have gotten smaller, too. Ultra-light and compact lithium batteries are available for many motorcycles. And then there are devices like the JunoJumpr, which is a lightweight, powerful lithium polymer battery pack with enough juice to jump start a dead motorcycle or car (up to 6 cylinders) and still be able to recharge your smartphone. It weighs just 7.4 ounces, is rated at 6,000 mAh (milliampere-hour) and, at 12V, cranks out 300 amps of peak power.


With the JunoJumpr fully charged, I jump started two different motorcycles with completely dead batteries, and afterward all four blue LEDs were still illuminated, indicating a nearly full charge. When I plugged in my dead iPhone 5, it immediately dropped to three LEDs (75 percent), and then to two LEDs (50 percent) after fully charging the phone. After a second full iPhone recharge, only one LED was illuminated (25 percent). I attempted a third iPhone recharge, but it only got up to 16 percent recharged before the JunoJumpr ran out of juice.


I use the JunoJumpr to recharge my iPhone and GoPro when on the road, and it provides peace of mind should I find myself with a dead motorcycle battery. That alone is worth the $99.99 price. And it’s small enough to pack into a saddlebag or backpack so I carry it with me all the time. No claims are made about being waterproof or shockproof, so I recommend keeping the battery pack sealed in a plastic bag and storing it and the jumper cables in a padded, zippered pouch.



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