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When considering a purchase of a portable jump starter, you may encounter criticism from naysayers.

Usually you’ll here something like, “jumper cables will work just fine and are cheaper and just as portable” or my favorite “portable starter packs that you keep in the trunk are never fully charged when you really need them”.  Jump Starters for your car are still the best choice over jumper cables.  There are several reasons why you should choose a jump starter.  The main reason is, and for me the most important, you don’t have to rely on strangers to provide the other car, or bother friends and family.


Who Needs A Portable Jump Starter

A portable jump starter is the obvious choice for fleet maintenance, such as owners of car dealerships, truck and auto shops, etc..  But the average motorist can benefit too.  In cold weather areas for example,  keeping a jump starter is a great way to help a sluggish battery on a cold morning.  After using your jump starter you can then just throw it in the trunk in case you need it later.  Still another reason I love these jump starters is for family.  I don’t want them stranded somewhere asking strangers for a jump. These jump starters are so easy to use, and to show anybody how to use.  The peace of mind these jump starters give me is well worth the price of two portable jumper packs.  Especially when you consider the fact that about 30% of car problems are due to the battery.


Jump Starter Dilemma – Keeping it Charged

As we stated above, we know we’re biased on this one. Of course we think jump starters are the best answer. We’re the jump starter people and we’d always think a jump starter is the right answer. But, many would counter, the big issue with a jump starter is keeping it charged and remembering to charge.  It is true that a depleted jump starter is of no use when your vehicle’s battery is dead, but that’s an easy problem to solve.  We are confident in our products.  They have been tested and patented.  With the jump starters also being valuable for charging your cell phones, tablets, IPhones, IPads, PSP’s, MP3’s, etc., you will be using it more for your Electronic Devices, and it will be ready when you need a jump.

In Conclusion, you can see there are plenty of reasons to choose jump starter’s over the conventional booster cables.  It’s just a better way of dealing with a dead battery.

The battery technology is advancing everyday and AGA-Power uses advanced technology in all of the products.  Making their jump starters reliable and powerful.  If you have been on the fence, wondering if a jump starter is really worth it, I hope this post will give you an understanding of the key benefits of owning a jump starter.  Just remember a jump starter will give you peace of mind. Jump Starters are a life saver.

Power Solutions Supply has a jump starter for every application and budget.  We always recommend getting the jump starter with the most cranking and peak amps your budget will allow, and ensure you are purchasing a quality Lithium Polymer unit.  Your safety and satisfaction is our  goal.

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