Some Questions About Sevenstar Jump Starter You May be Interested In

2016-12-29 18:40:00 admin 19

1.What kind of batteries can I use jump starter on?

It can be used on any 12-volt lead-acid battery, such as, Wet, Gel, Maintenance-Free, Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) and AGM.

      2. Can it jump start a 6V vehicle?

      No. It is only designed for 12V vehicles. Jump starting a 6V battery could become extremely dangerous.

      3. Can it recharge my branded smartphone?

     Yes. It can recharge all generations of smartphones on the market, as well as, HD action cameras, tablets, music players, wireless speakers and more.

     4. If I exceed 80ºC in storage, can it damage the battery?

     Yes. Do not exceed 80ºC for any reason

     5. Is it TSA Friendly and can I take it on an airplane?

     Yes. The device meets all of the safety certifications for safe transport on an airplane.

     6. Can it jump start a motorcycle? What about a lawn mower, et. al.?

     Yes. It can jump start any vehicle, like a car, boat, motorcycle, ATV, lawn mower, RV, tractor, truck and more.

     7.Do you have to disconnect any cables to use this product?

     No. Connect directly to the positive post first, then the negative.

     8. What happens of you touch the clamps together?

      A:If customers use our standard dual-fuse protection booster cable, it's not allowed to touch the clamps together. It will damage the jump starter.
B:If customers use our smart booster cable, it is perfectly safe and there will be no sparks.

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