Why select our copmany as your supplier for self-balancing scooter

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Sevenstar Technology Co., Ltd.

Self balancing scooters, commonly known as hoverboards, that do not meet safety standards might either be seized or recalled, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has warned. The independent federal regulatory agency responsible for protecting consumers, has asked manufacturers,importers and retailers of hoverboards to ensure safety standards. The lithium ion batteries used in scooterboards must comply with test requirements under Transport of Dangerous Goods for Lithium Metal and Lithium Ion Batteries.
The CPSC has received reports from consumers in 24 states of 52 hoverboard fires resulting in more than $2m (£1.41m, €1.80m) in property damage between 1 December, 2015 and 17 February, 2016. These include destruction of homes and an automobile.
In January 2015, (CBP) officers seized more than 16,000 counterfeit hoverboards valued at over $6m (£4.2m, €5.5m) in Chicago. According to CBP officers, the self-balancing scooters packed unauthorised batteries and had fake trademark logos.
We believe that many of the reported incidents, and the related unreasonable risk of injuries and death associated with fires in these products is due to the poor battery, and would be prevented if all such products were manufactured in compliance with the referenced voluntary safety standards. so if you want buy a safe and high performance products,pls don't hesitate to contact us ,as we're a qualified supplier not only in self-balancing scooter but also with business in mini jump starter,we're professional in the baterry based electronics if you know about the jump starter.we know better than other company which battery is safe and good and which is not. We have even designed the protection PCB board in the battery pack for the scooter, which can protect the battery from the overcharge, overcurrent, overvoltage, etc.and we 're confidence enough you'll interesting with us after you well know about our product and company.