Safety of Self-balancing Scooter

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Are Hoverboards Safe?

Recent news stories have questioned the safety of hoverboards, and particularly with regard to where and how they are used. Here are some basic guidelines to follow if you are about to order a new hoverboard(or self-balancing board) and want to use it without putting yourself or others in danger.

Safety before you buy your hoverboard:

Check that the product you are ordering has come from a reliable seller, who can provide recommendations and instructions on how to use your hoverboard safely.
Make sure that your hoverboard has a UK plug and that electronics are tested and safe for use in EU/UK, and call/email the seller and ask if you are not sure.
Order some safety gear, such as helmets, gloves, and pads along with your hoverboard purchase, and especially if it is for a gift for someone.Some suppliers provide specific safety gear for hoverboard users, though skateboard knee protectors and bike helmets are fine if these are unavailable. Again, ask your supplier if you are unsure.

Safety after you have ordered your hoverboard:

Follow charging instructions carefully and DO NOT leave your hoverboard charging unattended or in an unsafe place.
Get some training and proper advice before you go out on your hoverboard for the first time and do not use your hoverboard unaccompanied during the first few days of use.
Wear approved safety clothing and helmet at all times.
Do not use your hoverboard on public roads or pathways and check that any private or semi-public spaces etc) permit hoverboard use.
Do not allow others to ride on your hoverboard with you.
Follow manufacturer/supplier’s instructions on safe use of your hoverboard.